Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Updated Photos of Brinette and Olive

We just received updated photos of Brinette and Olive from our in-country Congo coordinator.  These beautiful little girls are in desperate need of a family.  Please spread the word and help us make their dream a reality!

Olive, age 4 - Caregivers describe this generally healthy, active child as inquisitive and interested in quickly discovering more about the world around her.  She enjoys story time and playing with her sister, Brinette, and friends.  Singles and married couples eager to learn more about Olive can contact us now while we are waiting on her current medicals.

Brinette, age 6 - Brinette is a terrific ‘Big Sis’ to her younger sister, Olive.  She is lively and as outgoing as her smile.  She enjoys outdoor activities as well as playing ‘house’.  Her caregivers describe her as happy and helpful.  Current medicals are expected shortly for this generally healthy child who desires to belong in a family to forever call her own. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Glorious News! Evelyn and Fiston have found their Forever Families!

We are soooo excited to announce that Evelyn and Fiston, one of the two siblings groups we introduced via our blog a couple of weeks ago, have been matched with a family!  Now the fun begins as we work with the family to unite them with their children soon.

We still need to find a family for our other sibling group from Congo, Brinette and Olive.  Here are a couple of recent photos of the girls.
 Brinette, age 6
 Olive, age 4
Please continue to spread the word and help us find these beautiful little girls a home!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Help us find a home for this little boy!

Kade, age 3, is a genuinely cheerful and pleasant little guy.  These qualities lend a warm and endearing character to his personality.  He is social and imaginative, and ready to be active and play with friends.  Caregivers describe him as charming.  He is generally healthy, and eager to be helpful, thoughtful and attentive.   Singles and married couples desiring to know more about Kade, and the one short trip to Africa needed to bring him home to your loving family, should call EAC today.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Siblings available from Congo!

EAC is excited to announce we have TWO sets of siblings available for adoption from Congo.  These precious children need homes.  Please spread the word to everyone you know.  Sometimes, simply mentioning the fact there are children in this world that don't have a family to call their own will inspire someone to act.  You are reading this blog for a reason, so please be sure to share this opportunity to help Brinette, Olive, Fiston, and Evelyn find their forever families.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in adopting any of these children, please direct them to debra @eaci.com for additional information.

                                        Evelyn (3 1/2) & Fiston (5)       Olive (4) & Brinette (6)