Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hello Uganda!

Africa Trip - Uganda

We have come to Uganda in an effort to upgrade our program.  We have had GREAT success to date, but feel there is still more we can be doing for these children.  We have been able to visit 3 to 4 orphanages per day.  

From what we've seen we are very happy with the care the orphaned children of Uganda are provided. Uganda is known as the friendliest country in Africa.  We have chosen to travel 4-5 hours out of Kampala to visit additional orphanages on our search.  Today was a big adventure as we traveled a dirt road about 3 hours and then we crossed the Nile river.  WOW!!!! A once in a lifetime experience!

The children we have visited in the orphanages range in age from 2-6 years old.  In addition, we did meet quite a few sibling groups.  As we stated, the children are well cared for, and they eat pretty well.  Debra even exchanged cooking ideas with a cook at one of the centers.  The cook comes every morning at 5am to start the big pot of beans and spinach (a staple food here) over an open pit fire (stove).  She was explaining to us that she cooks tomatoes , onions, and peppers in oil  and then adds the spinach.  It is one of the childrens favorite meals!  The menu the day we were there included cornbread, beans, spinach and milk.  Each orphanage has their own milking cow and chickens for eggs.  The children may come into the centers malnourished, but are quickly nursed back to health with adequate diets. The children also love bananas, pineapples, mangos, and jack fruit from the abundant fruit trees.

We are working to find an additional doctor to visit the children to provide testing of the children.  Our attorney is a wonderful lady and has been excellent to work with in completing the adoptions we have been able to so far!

We have one more orphanage visit planned for today, and then an appointment at the U.S. Embassy.

We are accomplishing the tasks on our checklist, developing new relationships, and enjoying the beauty of Uganda... but we are tired and ready to come home to our families!

Thank you so much for all your support over the last two weeks.  It makes these trips so much more special knowing each of you has us in your thoughts and prayers!  We look forward to sharing more about our adventures with each of you over the coming weeks.

God Bless,
Debra and Robin

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