Thursday, January 31, 2013

Count down to go...

It’s the start of our 24-hour window pre-flight, and Debra and I wanted to share our itinerary with you.

We are southern girls – Debra hales from the shores of the beautiful coastal waters of the southeast, whereas I am a “from the heart of Texas” native Texan – meeting in New York tomorrow to set off for Central Africa.  

From New York we fly to Belgium with an overnight layover in Brussels, then on to the capital city of Kinshasa, DRC. We will be in the Congo from February 3rd through the morning of February 7th.  

Our arrival in Uganda is via Kenya – we will be flying to Uganda’s capital of Kampala through Nairobi. We reach Kampala late on February 7th and will be in country through February 12th. We will touchdown to our southern roots and arrive home late February 14th changed forever

Uganda and The Democratic Republic of the Congo are destinations popular for gorilla tracking safaris. For us, our time will be invested with the children, the children orphaned by death, disease, civil conflict, and poverty who desire to have a family, a family to call their own and a loving home where they belong. Our work in country will be in support of our in country teams in DRC, Uganda and Ghana as well. We are most fortunate that our EAC in country Ghana representative will be joining us for our Uganda leg of the trip.

Make a date to check in with us regularly as we blog our way across Central Africa and update you on our journey.

Blessings, always,

Debra & Robin