Friday, August 15, 2014

Update from the DRC

Beautiful Moments

As most of you know, Robin is flying solo on this trip to the DRC.  Batman (aka - Debra) stayed behind to tend to her husbands needs as he battles for a lung transfer.  Debra's family is, obviously, the most important thing to her, but her heart breaks at not being in the DRC with the children and the families who are visiting.  We continue to pray for Debra and her family during this tough time.

Robin has been doing a wonderful job in the DRC.  Between loving on the children and hanging out with the families, she has managed to squeeze in quite a bit of work too.  She has been visiting orphanages and working with the attorney's in a continued effort to keep EAC as the premier Congo adoption agency!

This trip has been especially exciting due to the fact that 16 families have traveled to the DRC to spend some time with their children.  That is an EAC delegation of nearly 50 moms, dads and their kids!  What an awesome display of love!  Many had visited before and for some this is their first visit.  Whether it is a first visit or not, the sheer joy when parents get to see their kiddos is priceless!

We so appreciate the generosity of everyone, including those families who were unable to travel, who donated supplies to the foster care facility and orphanages.  The families who traveled brought with them nearly 200 containers of baby formula along with medical supplies!  Amazing that so many children will benefit from your kindness!

In other exciting news for the orphans of the DRC, EAC along with Father Bob Stec launched a Child Sponsorship program called PROJECT CHOSEN.  The launch took place at The FEST, which is a huge one day Christian festival near Cleveland, OH.  Project Chosen was the marquee program at this awesome event and EAC had 12 volunteers attend the event to promote this program!  We were just told we are up to 25 sponsorships!!!!!  Please share this program with you friends, families, and churches.  The more we spread the word, the more children can get their basic needs met!

We continue to wait and pray for the DGM to lift the ban.  WE NEED TO GET YOUR KIDDOS HOME!
Please continue to advocate for the children of the DRC and help us find more families who wish to elp these children.

We feel so blessed to be a small part of this amazing journey with all of you!  Enjoy the pictures!
Batman Debra and Robin!