Saturday, February 2, 2013

A European Welcome from Brussels...

After meeting in New York, Debra and I grabbed an NYC burger at Ruby's Diner at the airport before boarding the next flight that would have us reach Europe by morning via Belgium!

The flight was seamless, and we arrived at Brussels Airport at 7:15 am.  What to do at that time of morning ... well, our hotel, which boasts being only "39 steps from the airport entrance", was our next stop.  And, it is true, with just a very short walk from the airport we entered the lobby of our hotel. We freshened up, grabbed a quick nap and then headed out to explore a bit. 

We caught the train to the central square of Brussels, Grand Place Grote Market.  The cool temperature and light rain added a crisp charm to our walk from the train station to the heart of the square.  

We followed the European cobblestone sidewalk to an indoor cafe.  The restaurant has a great little video online that gives you a 360 view and feel of the venue (  Dinner was as a 2 hour affair, marked by Belgium time that allows you to enjoy time spent with your company when dining (and, yes, it included one Belgian waffle!!). The two brief power interruptions the restaurant experienced while we were eating may have also contributed to a slow pace to our meal -- LOL.  This gave us time to think more about our EAC families and share with each other all that we want to accomplish with our in country teams in Africa this trip.  We are so looking forward to tomorrow when we reach DR Congo!!!

For us, our next step is repacking and reorganizing for tomorrow's flight to the Congo -- a direct flight; and, flying time is about 12 hours in the air!

Until our next post, if you have time to surf the net, you may enjoy reading up on Brussels --- visit for an introduction to the city itself.

Wishing you a marvelous Monday!! 

All the best,
Debra & Robin 

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