Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Uganda or bust...

When we arrived in Uganda the airport was quiet given the late hour, but we received a warm welcome from our in country team that greeted us near baggage claim.

The drive from Entebbe, where the airport is located, to the capital city of Kampala was long and winding up hill.  Traffic was congested even at that time of night with people returning from the beach at Lake Victoria.  We reached our hotel after a forty minute or so drive.  The security guard at the hotel allowed us through the gate, we checked in and then settled in to our room.  

The morning came early and we were excited to get going!  Our orphanages take you outside the city limits and once you leave the main streets the roads get really, really rugged.  Oh, and I need to mention the driving...from our point of view the driver is in the passenger seat and drives on the wrong side of the road!!!  All total...the driving experience in Uganda is its own "adventure".

The day was priceless and precious once we reached our destination. We visited with the orphanage director, and her social worker and caregiver staff. Most importantly, we spent a great day with the children!!  We also learned first hand of some of the more urgent humanitarian aid needs this center is currently facing, and identified projects where EAC and our families can provide support -- we will be sharing with you about the needs in greater detail when we get back.

As we wrapped up the day we decided to have dinner at the hotel.  It was al a carte dining -- we each chose different chicken dishes and were both pleased with our choices.  

The plan for tomorrow is to spend more time with the children at the other orphanages we are working with in our Uganda program.

Tune in again for our next post and the adventures we encounter.

Warmest of wishes from Uganda,

Debra & Robin

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