Tuesday, January 21, 2014

An incredible start to our trip!


It was the most incredible thing going to the gate at the airport in Brussels and seeing all our EAC families.  Some we had previously met in person, others we had not, but it just felt RIGHT!  All the families were excited to be going that final leg of the trip to Africa.

We had a long 9 hr journey, but with so much to talk about the time passed quickly. Upon arrival in Kinshasa, we were very fortunate to have passed through customs without issue and proceeded to baggage claim.  Our man, Patrick, was standing there waiting for all of us!  Thank God he was because we needed him to roll up his sleeves too and help us load all of the humanitarian aid onto the baggage trucks! All luggage was accounted for!

We headed to our guest house - the rooms are clean, there is wifi, and best of all AIR CONDITIONING!!!! We were able to get a much needed night's rest.

The next morning everybody was standing outside and ready to go to the store.  We all purchased lots off rice chicken , veggies and plantains.
But we didn't come here to go grocery shopping... the kids were on their way to meet us!!!!
Imagine the moment for a minute, the nervous anticipation, the tears of excitement, and then the sheer joy as they approached!  Each of you, as adoptive parents, has played this scenario through your mind!  It is powerful to witness and participate in.
At first the children were shy and reserved, but by the afternoon they were jumping in the pool having a blast with their families.  You find yourself absolutely lost in the moment, and then the harsh reality sets in when the children must return to the home.  (Correction - the children are remaining with the families while the families are in country, the tears will flow when the families prepare to leave Congo)
In just a few shorts hours, we saw tears of joy transform to tears of sadness.  There will be additional visits full of laughter and tears.
In the meantime, we came here with a list of goals to accomplish and met with Patrick to plan out the next two weeks. We will keep you posted as to what we are working on and accomplishing.  We can tell you this, we are scheduled to have water purification systems installed in the orphanages this week thanks to the generosity of one of our adoptive families.  What a blessing to be able to convert brown dirty water into safe, clean, consumable drinking water.  This should help with your children's overall health and well being!
Enjoy some of our pictures from the past couple days.  We intend to send as many as possible!
Please continue to pray for us, the families who were able to travel with us, and of course, the beautiful children of Africa!
Debra and Robin


  1. Oh my gosh. I'm loving these pictures. Good luck with everything!

  2. Please see the correction listed above - information was confused in translation. Sorry guys!

  3. Oh wow this just makes my heart jump with joy seeing these moms & dads with their kids! Makes me cry too. So awesome that the kids got to stay with them!!! Praying for safe travels!!