Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ready... Set... GOOOOOOOO!

Back to Africa!

 We are so excited as we embark on this trip back to Congo and Uganda!  Bags are packed as we leave tomorrow morning.  As usual, we will be traveling through Brussels, Belgium and experiencing our last "normal" food for a few weeks!  What makes are stop in Brussels different from our previous visit is that we will be blessed to be joined by 5 EAC families who will traveling with us to Africa!  These families will be spending about a week with us and will have the opportunity to meet their children for the first time!  So exciting!  In addition to meeting their own children, they are bringing several suitcases of donated goods, provided by so many of you!  Each of the bags is stuffed with formula, diapers, creams, food and clothes. We hope they have room for their personal items!   For us, this is going to be so special as we have worked for over a year for this week.  We have spent tireless hours going to orphanages and meeting with government officials and to make sure we have the best team in Congo, lead by our outstanding attorney, including our 3 social workers on the ground making sure the babies and young children have their nutritional needs met, along with providing them with vitamins.
 Let's not forget the Africa staff in Ohio.  Margaret, our leader and an outstanding orphan advocate has enabled us to chase this dream!  Kim, who you all know, has dedicated all her time to making sure you are all taken care of and prepared for your own adventure.  With that said, we think everybody needs to know that the Congo and Uganda has touched all employees at EAC!
 It is going to be a glorious day when the exit visa ban is lifted and we are able bring our 30 children, who have passed court, home!  This is, and continues to be, our mission!
We promise updates and many photos as we travel, so keep posted!
Let the trip begin........ 
Debra and Robin


  1. Go team go! We are so thankful for this hard-working team. You guys rock!

  2. Safe travels and have an awesome trip!

  3. Safe travels! Please give our little guy lots of hugs and kisses for us. It breaks my heart that I can't go with you all, but I'll trust you'll shower all the little ones with love from those of us who can't go.

  4. We will be praying for safe travels and much to be accomplished! Please give our little girl a great big hug from us!!! Adam & Lynsey Stultz

  5. Safe travels! Excited to follow your blog throughout your travels!
    Christie Frick

  6. EAC rocks! Bring those children home. One less!

  7. Thanks everyone! Don't worry, we'll take care of the hugs and love! Our pleasure until you are all able to do so!

  8. Oh I'm so excited!! I wish wish wish we were there with you! Prayers for safe travels! Please hug our boys!!!!
    Andi and Brad