Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Perspective from an EAC family in Congo

Kinshasa is everything and more than we thought!  Robin and Debra are right when they say there aren't words to describe the airport luggage claim. but even then I still felt safe because Patrick, Alan (the Sunny Days Director), and his staff were there to pick us all up.  They are the type of people who when "they speak, people listen".

The children are beautiful, inside and out, and we feel so blessed to even be here.  I know all of you reading this are wishing you were here too and it breaks my heart that you have to wait for your time here.  Lord willing, you time will also come soon!  Look at all the pictures you have of your children and multiply their cuteness and beauty by 100 and that will not even come close to what they are in person.  We are just on our second night here and I got tears in my eyes after rocking baby Elie to sleep knowing he won't come home with us.

However, we are enjoying the moments here and not dwelling on the last minutes of it.  We have met Patrick, Daniel, Lisa, and Momma Josie and, trust me, these people love our children as much as we do!  They have come in and out of Sunny Days and the children have given them lots of hugs and love.  Our babies would not do that if they weren't great people, so find peace in that.

Robin and Debra are here also making a difference.  Visiting with them on the plane and while here,  I am happy to report they are two normal (but amazing) ladies who have extraordinary hearts for "the Least".  I knew they were good from the beginning but looking into their eyes and hearing their stories in person makes everything real.  I know they are doing all they can to make life better for our children while we all wait and have everyone's best interest at heart.  Keep praying for things to move forward!

~Sara Alsup (Mom of baby Elie)

Here's a couple of the bins of donated goods we have delivered:

Bath Time:

Daddy Time:

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  1. Thank you for the post! So wonderful to hear from you and your different perspective. I'm sure I'm the same as all the other prospective adoptive parents in saying there could simply not be enough posts from you guys! Enjoy your time as best you can! Stay safe.