Thursday, September 5, 2013

And... we are off to Africa (again!)

We are so excited about the opportunity to return to Africa.  So much within our program has changed, for the better, since our last visit.  We have that trip under our belt and expect this adventure to be even more rewarding.

In recent months, we have had a number of families receive referrals and go to court - and families are bringing their children HOME!  This is what makes all the late night phone calls and emails worth it!

As on our first trip, we will be delivering much needed assistance to the orphanages we are partnered with - thanks in large part to the generous donations from many of you.  We cannot begin to tell you the despair we see when we visit a remote orphanage - it absolutely breaks your heart.

Aside from the humanitarian aid efforts, we will also be focusing on the overall adoption process, working on efficiencies we can control to streamline the adoption process for you.  As a result of our last visit we were able to enter into a cooperative agreement with a foster care home in the DRC, Sunshine House, where your children will be cared for after they pass court in the DRC.  The children who have already been blessed by this opportunity are making tremendous strides in overall health, nutrition and spirit.  In short, they are flourishing!
Sunshine House

We will do our best to keep you all posted - internet can be difficult to find and when you do the speeds can be slooooowwwww!  Please keep us, and the children, in your prayers as we work to make the Africa programs the flagship for EAC.  In addition, anything you can do financially to assist the children would also be greatly appreciated - your donation will be wired directly to us while in country and will  have an immediate impact on the lives of these kids!  Here is a link to make a donation: Congo Mission of Mercy

We will talk with you soon - thank you and God Bless each of you!
Debra and Robin

P.S. - a special thank you to each of you who has emailed us and texted us wishing us safe travels and asking us to give their babies a kiss for them.  We will do so with pleasure! (Many pictures to follow)

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  1. Praying for a wonderful trip and sending so much love with you!