Friday, September 20, 2013

Before we head home...

Wow, its been an exciting couple of weeks!

As we wind up our unbelievably awesome trip to Congo there was a couple of things we wanted to accomplish.

First, we wanted to personally take part in escorting two little boys from their orphanage to Sunshine House.  They have officially passed court and are now waiting for their final destination - their home in the U.S.A.!  As we were driving with the boys, we started to wonder what the boys must be thinking - had they ever been in a car, how many of these sights were new to them, where are these crazy ladies taking us, etc!  Do they know their world is about to blossom more than they could have ever imagined!  Armand, and Kado, the two boys, were so excited to be reunited with a little friend from their orphanage!    There is something so incredibly inspiring about being a part of the process first hand.  Such beautiful little boys with a future of so much hope!

Secondly, we wanted to follow up on the status of a little girl who had fallen and injured her arm.  Our staff had taken her to the doctor to have her arm x-rayed.  Her arm was indeed broken and they set the arm in a cast.  We were expecting to see a cute little lightweight cast, maybe in hot pink color - NOT! - this cast is full plaster!  They had to tie a string around her neck to help support the weight of this cast.  It looks like something we made in art class, paper mache', when we were younger!  But she is doing wonderfully and is in good spirits.

The two little boys we spoke of above, I (Debra) am blessed to know the families these children will be joining.  My heart is so happy because they have the brightest futures waiting for them.

This is why we do adoptions.  To change the lives of YOUR children and provide them hope for a future.  To change YOUR lives in a way you have never expected. 

Each of YOUR children that leaves the orphanage makes our lives have meaning... so selfishly, this is our reward..

We arrive back in the U.S. Friday evening, but will be counting the days until January when we return.  In the meantime, we look forward to sharing our experiences with each of you.  We also look forward to each of you sharing your experiences of your completed adoption with us over the next few months!  EXCITING!!!

Please keep spreading the word - there are so many beautiful children, many we were able to meet, many more we have not met, that need loving homes.  We need more EAC families.

We cannot begin to express our sincere thanks to each of you who has supported, prayed for, and followed us on this amazing journey.

As the French Congolese say... au revoir!
Debra and Robin
The wonderful staff at Sunshine House


  1. An amazing trip! Thank you for posting so many photos.

  2. Yes, thank you for the constant updates! I would love to see more pictures, read more stories, and hear all you experienced, but will wait until your next trip in January. What a fun trip. Those kids are sweet sweet sweet! I can't wait for our little guy to join our family, whoever he is!