Thursday, September 12, 2013

Making Progress One Day at a Time!

Another productive day in the DRC!

Today was a beautiful, cool day in Kinshasa!  Around 83 degrees, slightly overcast and mild humidity. 

There are many adopting parents staying at the Sunny Day guest house, where we are are staying.  We have been speaking with many of them, finding out what their experience has been like and what they have been doing during their time in Kinsasha.  There are 3 drivers that are very reputable that you can hire to take you to the markets and the grocery store.  A couple of families have mentioned they have visited, what they call the "Monkey Zoo", and a nearby playground where the ex-pats take there children to play.  Robin and I will be visiting these sites on Sunday and we will give you a first hand account.  Our main concern is safety for our families and children while in Congo - if we feel safe in these environments, we may recommend them to you.

We received word the President of the Bandundu region was in Kinsasha, today, to train the local judges.  So, of course, we made sure we had an opportunity to meet with him.  The President of the region is the official who signs off on all Congolese documents and finalization's from their region.  We feel it is very important the President see EAC is committed to the children of the Congo and know we were in country.

We have also scheduled an appointment to meet with a local therapist on Monday (for the children, not us!).  EAC feels its is important to have resources available to the children should they have any issues.  We also believe in being proactive in the adoption process as the children may have questions surrounding their adoption.  This should help in the attachment and bonding period for the parents (you) and the child. 
We will also be interviewing doctors next week.  The doctors will be available for children should the need arise and to work with them on a nutritional program.  We have been providing the orphanages with supplements and vitamins as part of our Congo Mission of Mercy campaign.  We are very happy with the initial results as the children appear to be benefiting.  Moving forward, as families travel to pick up their children, we will be asking they bring nutritional supplements with them for the children who have not yet found their forever families.

We love it here in Congo.  The people we have come in contact with are very friendly.  It absolutely breaks out heart to see such despair, these children are some of the most needy we have seen in any country we have traveled.  The saving grace?  Their beautiful, bright, happy smiles and the fact there are people (like you) who are willing to provide a life of hope and blessings to these children!
We cannot wait for each of you to experience this country and the love of the children who are waiting for you! Be sure to check out today's photos below and spread the word about the EAC Congo adoption program!
Many Blessings,
Robin and Debra


  1. So great to hear about all you two are accomplishing while there!!!! Sending more prayers and love to you both and even more love for you to deliver to my little one :-)

    1. Thank you Kristen! It is our pleasure to do that for you!

  2. Thank you for these thorough updates, it's heartwarming to read how you're helping the orphans and loving on our kids as well as strengthening the program. Thanks for your hard work over there!

    1. Thanks Missy! Being able to see the children first hand makes all the hard work work worthwhile. We cant wait for all of you to have the same opportunity!

  3. I'm dying to get over there! I see all these pictures and wonder 'oh my gosh! Is that my little baby waiting for me?'