Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We Need Families!

We have recovered from all the hugs!

It took us a day or so to come down from the emotional high we received while visiting Sunshine House.  What a truly awesome blessing!

Another blessing was that we found a great Chinese restaurant last night - yes, a Chinese restaurant in Africa!

Yesterday was a training day for the new EAC social workers (Linda, Daniel, and Johnue).  We took the three of them to two of the orphanages where we recently received new referrals.  Robin spent time training  them on all aspects of gathering information and documents for our attorney and the EAC U.S. staff.  This information is vitally important so that we can make referrals to families.  Today, Robin is working with the social workers and orphanage staff on the process of taking our new referrals to the doctor for medical review.  This process will be the same should any of YOUR children become ill.  These processes can become quite complex as we must remain compliant with the guidelines of both countries.

During our visits at the 2 orphanages, Debra spent a lot of time loving on the kids and taking pictures. (Some of you who have been waiting for referrals may have received "sneak peeks" of a child).  We love being able to contact families to share such wonderful information!  If you havent received an email or call as of yet, you probably will shortly, as we are receiving many new referrals and processing their documents and getting the medicals completed.

Based on the increase in the number of referrals we have been receiving we are in NEED FOR MORE FAMILIES!  Please continue to spread the word in your communities, churches, support groups, schools, etc.  We want to find homes for each of these children!  They deserve a family of their own!
Today we are visiting the DRC Department of Social Ministries and the DGM.  These are very important meetings, as it is EAC's opportunity to proudly display our commitment to the Congo adoption process as well as our humanitarian aid efforts to date.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support.  It is so wonderful to receive emails from each of you while we are in Africa!
Debra and Robin
(We wish we could post more photos, but we are limited due to broadband speed)

This orphanage aid had some help while she was cleaning! (She was actually hand scrubbing the floor with this little angel on her back!)



  1. The baby girl at the bottom just stole my heart. Simply Precious!

  2. Oh my word! I will take them all!;) especially that red shirted baby and the striped shirt boy next to him