Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hello Sunshine House!

More (HUGS) than we expected!

This was the day we had most been waiting for - our first visit to Sunshine House!  We expected to be welcomed with smiles and curiosity - we did not expect the amount of love and hugs we received!

The day did not start as planned.  We woke up early to get a good start to on the day.  What we did not expect was every one of the 12 million residents of Kinsasha heading out as well!  The roads were packed and it took us nearly 2 hours to travel the 15 miles to Sunshine House.  Didn't these folks we were on a mission to see all of your beautiful children!?

The stress of the travel had us down, but as we neared Sunshine House a certain calm came over us.  Maybe it was Him telling us, "it will be ok, now go share the love with my children".  So we ended our pity party, and, man, did He deliver a wake up call as we arrived.

As we walked up to the front entry, children began screaming with excitement, and then they came running towards us! Smiles as big as we have ever seen!  Each and every one of them wanted a hug or to be picked up - and just when I think we accomplished that feat, they came back for more!  Yeah, we know, its a tough job, but we will gladly do this kind of work! 
We busily began identifying EAC children and tried to forward each of your prayers, love and delivering special hugs and kisses.  We will try updating each of you shortly.
We then proceeded to tour Sunshine House.  What an amazing place of love and care.  Your children are being cared for very well!  We spoke with staff about each of your children,and we spoke with the doctor.  The great news is, aside from a couple of test results on a couple of the new arrivals, the children are doing extremely well.  We cannot begin to tell you how grateful we were to hear this news!
We talked with staff about the needs they still have.  They are still in need of some cribs and nutritional supplies, but all in all the place is well equipped at this point and time.  They were very grateful for the financial assistance we have been able to provide them for the children
Then it was back to receiving more hugs!  It is days like these you wish would never end.  But let us tell you, hugging can tire you out!  We needed to head back before dark, so we hugged some more, got in our car and turned to see all the kids waving goodbye to us.  It broke our hearts to leave.
As we reflected on the day during our 2 1/2 hour ride home (no A/C in the car - ouch!), we were overwhelmed with emotion.  The children are beautiful and so full of love in their hearts.  You will not be disappointed!

Before we unwound for the night we made a stop at a well known South African grocery store to pick up some food.  They are known for their quality foods, and we settled on a rotisserie chicken and some crusty rolls as we tried to watch a TV movie.

It was difficult to concentrate on the movie as we both kept recounting the extraordinary day we had just spent at Sunshine House.

Good night,
Debra and Robin


  1. It makes me super happy to see the kiddos love on Patrick!!! I didn't know how they would react to men. :)

  2. Hi Ladies! I just found out that my supervisor's friend is staying at the same guest house you are and is there right now! He just adopted an adorable little girl and boy! His name is Sloan and just said he would love to connect with the two of you!

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