Friday, September 13, 2013

Making friends and Making a difference!

Building Relationships and Strengthening the DRC Program!

So yesterdays mild temperatures and low humidity gave way to a real "steamer" today!  Holy hot!

Today was a very productive day as we started our day interviewing and hiring additional EAC staff.  Our focus was on hiring individuals who could care for YOUR children directly!  We want to offer a special service that we think will make you smile, we hired a social worker for every orphanage EAC working with!
The social workers primary function will be to monitor and report on the care of YOUR children.  They will interact with the children daily, making sure their nutritional needs are being met, and taking our new referrals to the doctor.  To cap it all off... they will be providing more reports and pictures!  We want to make sure we have the best care for our children and families!  Today we even started making nutritional charts for some of the children and will fill out more next week!

Early afternoon we had a "working lunch" and invited some of the orphanage directors to join us.  This was our way to say thank you for everything they have been doing in caring for our children.  We must tell you, one of the orphanage directors showed up wearing a traditional Congo outfit - the most beautiful blue, matching blouse, skirt and headware.  Stunning! They truly are beautiful human beings inside and out!
Its been a long productive week - time for some rest - as we head to Sunshine House tomorrow!  We are getting chills thinking about it!  We have been instructed by many of you to send your love to YOUR children and that's exactly what we intend to do!  We cannot wait!

We have posted 3 of the 9 referrals and will have the remaining 6 available tonight! Check out the EAC Congo page

Hugs to each of you!
Debra and Robin
Debra and her new friend!

New Bunkbeds have arrived!

Repairs to the orphanage roof